Laura and Was – the final instalment

Laura and Was-73

The final piece of this jigsaw came together last week at Crossley House in Halifax when Laura and Was were married according to the Muslim faith. It was the first full Asian wedding I’ve covered but hopefully not the last. 

I especially love the pictures from Laura’s Nikah – a religious ceremony overseen by a Maulvi (Muslim priest) during which the bride signs a marriage contract in front of a handful of witnesses but in the absence of her husband – because she looks so serene. I’m not sure I’d be this calm knowing that 250 or so people were waiting outside for me.

laura nikah

Like last week, Laura’s hair was done by Georgina Wild, a fab bridal hairdresser based over in Manchester. I’ll add a link to her site later; she’s on Facebook too.

Thanks to Jake who assisted me through my sniffing and sneezing. I still haven’t shifted this damn cold. And an extra special thanks to the Mackintosh and Chaudary families – what genuinely lovely people – who made me feel so welcome; always making sure I’d eaten something (thank you, Salim)!

Hope you’re having a wonderful honeymoon, Laura and Was, and once again thank you for asking me to be part of all three events. Hope these pictures bring back some happy memories from last week.

Anna x

Laura and Was-6

Laura and Was-20
Laura and Was-80
Laura and Was-23
Laura and Was-8
Was at Crossley House
Laura and Was-32

Laura and Was-40

Laura and Was-13
Laura and Was-7

Laura and Was-2

Laura and Was-10

Laura and Was-46

Laura and Was-50

Laura and Was-51

Laura and Was-64

Laura and Was-77

Laura and Was-41
Laura and Was-74

Laura and Was-70
Laura and Was-75

Laura and Was-69
Laura and Was-78

Laura and Was-72
Laura and Was-79
Laura and Was-34

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2 Responses to Laura and Was – the final instalment

  1. Shabs chaudary says:

    Hi Anna ,
    Thank u so much for the lovely pictures that u have taken of my son wasim and our beautiful daughter in law Laura . OMG ! We are so pleased with what we have seen on web site , truly can’t wait for all the pictures . The little snap shot is AMAZING .
    Thank u so much for all the hard work and capturing us all this fab occasion .
    Look forward to seeing u soon .
    Hope your feeling better .
    (Wasim’s mum )
    Aka sister as u thought ????????????????????xxxxx

    • Anna says:

      Hello (sister) Shabs! Thanks so much. It was so lovely to meet you all; I genuinely enjoyed each weekend. Take care and hopefully see you soon.
      Anna x

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