The first of three: Was and Laura’s Mehndi party

Was and Laura-62
I was looking forward to Was and Laura’s Mehndi party for two reasons; it was the first one I’d photographed and it was my first big event after becoming a mummy again (Hello Boo!). They told me to expect lots of colour, dancing and high spirits… and indeed there was.laura blo

Laura and Was sent me a quick guide to a Mehndi celebration, which I’ll share as they can describe it better than me:

“Mehndis are all about colour, traditionally yellow and green are the colours that are worn and the room is decorated with. However, more recently, people have just been wearing bright colours.Was and Laura-12

Mehndi actually means henna and relates to the traditional part of the ceremony where henna is put on the palm of the bride and groom to be, it’s seen as a blessing to the couple. Was and Laura-20Traditionally Mehndis would only be attended by women, however now there are a lot of men that also attend the party. Was and Laura-18
Was and Laura-17

Guests feed each of us a bit of a sweet or fruit from the tray and they will circle a small amount of money around our heads and leave this as a gift on the tray.

Was and Laura-18

Sometimes Mehndis for the bride and groom are done separately, however more commonly the couple hold a ‘joint Mehndi’, where both sides mix before the wedding.Was and Laura-12

Normally the bride and groom to be make separate entrances to the Mehndi and they would be showered with petals thrown by the partner’s family, however we’re breaking with tradition and making our entrance together just to make the event run more smoothly!

Was and Laura-35

Favours will be given out to the female guests. This will be in the form of a bunch of bangles that they’ll be allowed to pick from a big basket that will be brought around”.  Was and Laura-16

In a nutshell the Mehndi would be a bit like a wedding(s) warm-up. Weddings, because they’re having two ‘dos’. Next Saturday Laura and Was will have a more traditional English wedding near York and the following week it’s over to Halifax for the Muslim marriage ceremony. I feel very privileged to be photographing all the events. Anyway, for now here are a few from Saturday’s Mehndi ‘warm-up’ at Premier Banqueting in Leeds. And at the risk of stating the bloomin’ obvious, Laura looked stunning.


Anna x

Was and Laura-4

Was and Laura-11 Was and Laura-17 Was and Laura-16 Was and Laura-19 Was and Laura-23 Was and Laura-25 Was and Laura-28 Was and Laura-34 Was and Laura-33 Was and Laura-36Was and Laura-32
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Was and Laura-10 Was and Laura-11 Was and Laura-9 Was and Laura-8 Was and Laura-7 Was and Laura-6 Was and Laura-5 Was and Laura-4 Was and Laura-2 Was and Laura Was and Laura-7

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