Nadine and Lewis

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Nadine and Lewis’ wedding was fabulously free spirited, which I knew it would be. I met Nadine about six years ago on a photography course in Leeds and we’ve stayed in touch ever since, even though she’s moved all over the place: California, York and now London. So, when she asked me to shoot her wedding, I was delighted.nadine and lewis_-37

The wedding was held at Cornish Tipi Weddings in North Cornwall and the couple’s friends and family had travelled from all over the world: Mauritius, France, America and Germany, to celebrate with them. nadine and lewis_-116

I loved everything about the day; from the way Nadine and Lewis got ready together in their tipi on the morning of the wedding, to Lewis driving Nadine and the bridesmaids (including Nadine’s beautiful daughter, Sofia) to the ceremony. All formalities were binned. No formal speeches. No formal wedding reception. And certainly no formal photographs. nadine and lewis_-75

Nadine didn’t want a make-up artist or hair dresser, instead she got her friends to help her out…at her open air dressing table. Everyone was camping nearby so she didn’t have to go far before someone offered to paint her nails or do her hair. nadine and lewis_-136

nadine and lewis_-111
It was a fab weekend that I was honoured to be part of. Congratulations you gorgeous pair, may you have many more weekends like this!
Anna x
PS. I need to come down to London to celebrate properly with you!
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Nadine getting ready

nadine and lewis_-30

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Lewis and Nadine

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nadine and lewis_-76

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nadine and lewis_-135
nadine and lewis_-110nadine and lewis_-120

nadine and lewis_-108nadine and lewis_-106

nadine and lewis_-107

nadine and lewis_-112nadine and lewis_-130nadine and lewis_-119nadine and lewis_-124nadine and lewis_-127

nadine and lewis_-113

nadine and lewis_-115

nadine and lewis_-121

nadine and lewis_-122nadine and lewis_-129

nadine and lewis_-123

nadine and lewis_-125

nadine and lewis_-118nadine and lewis_-117

nadine and lewis_-128
nadine and lewis_-111

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2 Responses to Nadine and Lewis

  1. Helen says:

    Oh my goodness me. What a totally stunning unique wedding.
    Beautifully captured.
    LOVE these pics Anna.
    Lovely to have a peek at such a fascinating day.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Standing innovation for your wed!!????????????????

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