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Laughs were the order of the day at Michelle and Guy’s wedding, from the moment I arrived at her Mum’s house in the morning, to when I left in the evening. Although the laughs were momentarily replaced by gasps when a local farmer narrowly missed flattening all the bouquets with his quad bike. michelle and guy blog-33
The wedding took place in North Lancashire at the Bay Horse in Forton, a cosy pub with a newly restored barn, which looked stunning, thanks to Gemma from Bluebells and Daisies. Check out her Facebook page if you fancy getting someone to take all the stress out of decorating your venue.
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Michelle’s hair was done by her bridesmaid, Roisin, and the makeup was by Joanna from Buff Makeup Artistry. Michelle looked fabulous… would you believe this is the woman who told me she didn’t like having her picture taken and she wasn’t photogenic. As if!

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It was a fun day: plenty of laughter, wine and fine Lancastrians. The ingredients for a good wedding, I find. ;o)

Congratulations Michelle and Guy. Here are a few more to remind you of the day…


Anna x

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  1. Lisa says:

    brilliant day and a lovely couple xx

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