Leanne and Steve’s Yorkshire picnic


It pains a proud Lancastrian to say it but I’m beginning to wonder if Yorkshire could be one of my favourite places. Did I really say that? No wonder those Yorkies are always crowing about it being ‘God’s own county’. I’ve lived and worked here for nine or so years and I’m still discovering villages I never knew existed. I can see why Stephen and Leanne travelled up from their home in London to get married here. Steve’s originally from Yorkshire but a lot of Leanne’s family had travelled over from Ireland to celebrate. In fact there were guests from as far afield as Australia and the States.  Continue reading

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Kerry and Nick’s hidden gem

Kerry and Nick-1-3

Kerry and Nick’s wedding was probably one of the most emotional I’ve had the privilege of photographing. You could sense the closeness of each and every guest, and how much they meant to the couple… the beauty of smaller weddings, I guess.

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Laura and Paul’s Lancashire wedding

Laura and Paul-1-31

They say the sun shines on the righteous, so I guess Laura and Paul must have been chalking up some good deeds, as the weather had been pretty terrible right up until the day of their wedding. As it happened, the day was glorious in every way. Laura and Paul got married at their local church, St Gregory’s in Preston, before heading over to The Shireburn Arms at Hurst Green for the reception.
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Just a quickie to show you a few pics from last week’s shoot with a new house music producer from Leeds, who also happens to be a friend of ours (along with his lovely mrs and their two gorgeous sprogs). It’s not often I use this kind of low key lighting but I actually like it and am planning on doing another shoot v.soon, along a similar vein. Despite some of the pics looking like I’d dragged Martin down a dingy alley… the brick wall is actually in our kitchen. Well, more like a room that will soon be a kitchen.  We’re currently in the midst of one hell of a renovation project. I really should post pics of the mess! Continue reading

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A winter’s day in St. Anne’s

 An engagement shoot, on the beach, in winter? Not as mad as it sounds, honestly. In fact it was less windy than a shoot I’d done there in July. I just love St.Anne’s, on the Lancashire coast, as I grew up not too far away and some of my family still live there. It’s a place that always brings back some happy childhood memories… so I’m more than happy to whizz back over The Pennines when Lancashire couples suggest it as a location for their engagement shoot. It’s a bit more genteel than it’s brasher neighbour, Blackpool (although to be fair,  I’m a sucker for The Pleasure Beach and The Golden Mile). Continue reading

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New Year in Northumberland

I can’t believe I’ve never been to Northumberland before… it’s beautiful. There’s a real magic about the place; maybe it’s because it feels quite remote, I don’t know, there’s just something about it. Continue reading

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Doing it the Dales way…

I’ve known Nicola and Bob for a while, so I was pretty certain of two things: a) their wedding would be a down to earth do, and b) she’d look hot. It was… and she did. Oh boy, did she! More in a mo. The thing about their wedding was it only took about three months to organise but you’d never know; it looked like it had taken years of meticulous planning. Continue reading

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A great big Northern knees up…

I’m really not sure where to start with Kathryn and Richard’s wedding. It was so unique; so special; so them! Two fingers to tradition and all that… this was their day, their way (oooh, I do like a bit of rhyming). They’re both into film and food, and their wedding reflected their love of these things. They were married by a Humanist celebrant at Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds, where the groom sometimes works, and then it was off to St Chad’s Church Hall for afternoon tea. Continue reading

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The not an engagement shoot, engagement shoot.

I love this

I only really went to check out Nicola and Bob’s wedding venue with them, this wasn’t supposed to be an engagement shoot. It was more of a casual ‘I’ll bring my camera and take some pics of you and the dogs’ kind of shoot. Two things: I’m glad I look my camera… and I’m glad we didn’t make any elaborate plans, because it’s made for more relaxed photos. There were no expectations and no ideas; this was just Nicola and Bob having a laugh. Oh, and let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with dogs in neckerchiefs! Well done Blue and Ralph on your modelling debut. Continue reading

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Jon and Olivia

Jon and Olivia’s wedding in Ripon, North Yorkshire was probably one of rainiest I’ve photographed (apart from Nicky and Jake’s do in York the week early – that was something else) but you know what, it didn’t matter because, like the previous week, the warmth of the couple’s family and friends cancelled out the miserable weather. It’s always good to have a wet weather plan but there’s no need to panic if the sun doesn’t shine… just go with it.

Yeah, the Pimm’s on the terrace was cut short (it tastes the same indoors though – honestly) and we didn’t get some of the blue sky shots all couples hope for on their wedding day… but we got pink wellies, mad dashes with brollies AND a rainbow. Oh, and we had dancing in the rain. More of this in a bit. Continue reading

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